Nola is one of our beautiful lilac tri Dams here at the ranch. As you can see the sheer quality of this amazing female. Daughter of Lotto, Nola is one of the most premium girls that we have ever produced: short, cobby, and lots of rope and rolls too! 


Venus is one of our beautiful lilac tri English Bulldog Dams here at the ranch. Venus has a world class pedigree behind her. Daughter of Lotto, as you can see from her striking looks and structure. She is a shorter haired Bulldog, with a beatiful, glowing coat. 


Meet Ivy. Ivy is a blue fawn female pug, as you can see this girl is like no other. Such a perfect example of the breed, thick bone with a short compact structure. 


Pandora is one of our Panda Pug females here at the ranch. Another one of our premium pugs, she has prominent turquoise blue eyes and is a very short thick and compact Dam.