On arrival, our trained Bully Ranch to You staff will set up a safe, controlled area where your employees, children and students, Care Home residents, whoever you’ve booked on your Bully Ranch to You Puppy Therapy Guest List can cuddle, stroke and chill out with our beautiful young dogs.

Our Puppy Therapy Events have wellness and mental health at their heart – for everyone involved.

Scientific studies have long found that interacting with pets such as puppies is beneficial for physical and mental health, with studies showing what a fantastic calming influence it can have including lowering blood pressure, improving cardiovascular health, improving breathing, providing comfort, lowering anxiety and even reducing physical pain.

Those who’ve tried Puppy Therapy say the experience leaves them feeling refreshed, relaxed and with their spirits soaring. Puppies help people connect with each other and improve moods.

The best thing is, puppy therapy is great for the puppies too. Puppy Therapy events are incredibly important in helping our young puppies develop into healthy happy animals. Simply being around humans gives the pups much-needed socialisation which is vital for them to develop before they go to their forever homes.

Whether you manage a team of stressed out workers who will benefit from a break from the office grind, or want to introduce Puppy Therapy afternoons to your care home, educational institution, corporate Away Day or simply want to add the ultimate pure-bred pedigree pugs and bulldogs to your child’s birthday party, just get in touch to learn more, ask any questions you may have and most importantly, book your event!

Our World Class Purebred Puppies to You

We are passionate about our craft as breeders at The Bully Ranch and have worked hard since 2014 to breed some of what we believe are the finest purebred and pedigree pug, English and French bulldog puppies in the world.

As breeds, our pugs, English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs really benefit from good early socialization which is also another important reason why we have launched our Puppy Therapy events.

The puppies we bring to our events (from The Bully Ranch or from highly trusted partner breeders) will always be from one litter: brothers and sister puppies hanging out and socializing together, enjoying some new independence away from mum. The events are set up in a safe, controlled environment and strict health, safety and hygiene protocols are followed to ensure that the event is a happy joyful time for all involved.

Health & Safety

We have a full health and safety policy in place, and we take the cleanliness of the event environments very seriously. Health and safety is paramount when it comes to our puppies and clients. Before each event, one of our friendly team members will carry out a risk assessment to ensure the safety of our puppies, clients and staff.

Caring For Our Puppies at Therapy Events

We adore our puppies – they’re truly part of The Bully Ranch family – and we take great care and go to extraordinary lengths to ensure their comfort and well-being during a Puppy Therapy Event. Bully Ranch staff member(s) will always be in attendance, and we monitor the puppies participants and the overall event closely, ensuring that the animals are looked after to the highest standards: getting everything they need including food or water – or simply a break away – as and when they require it.

Why Choose Puppy Therapy? 

It has long been documented that interacting with pets such as puppies is beneficial for mental and physical health. Scores of scientific studies have found that stroking, petting puppies can lower blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health, decrease stress, provide comfort, and lower anxiety. Not only this, but amazingly, it can even decrease physical pain.

Bringing our puppies to you will help improve your mental health and bring a special and memorable moment to your day, as well as helping us socialise our canine companions on a daily basis with unlimited cuddles!

Puppies are great connectors and conversation starters – so just enabling people to hang out with our adorable puppies in a controlled environment is a great way for work teams, university students or other groups to bond and relax. 

Puppy therapy may even help as a tool to aid further therapy – for example behavioural or psychological therapy/counselling, which is why puppy therapy events may also be of use in other settings.

Birthday Parties

Are you ready for the most memorable children’s party ever? The Bully Ranch to You are offering you the chance to give your children a once in a lifetime experience with our birthday party extravaganza. Our quirky, ranch-themed party will be a day that you and your children will never forget thanks to our playful therapy pups, popcorn machine, and not to mention our amazing bespoke western style photo-booth wagon where you will have the chance to take away a keepsake photo from your day and a goody bag!

If you would like a bespoke theme for your party, we are more than happy to discuss this further. Please get in touch using the details over on our contact us page.

Age restrictions apply: Children aged 7+ only.

Disclaimer: Due to the time, effort, and health and safety measures we put in place for children’s birthday parties, all parties must be booked 3 months in advance. We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times.We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.

Corporate Events

Are you looking for a way to reward your staff and look after their mental health whilst at work? Our puppy therapy service works wonders for busy workplaces. Interacting with our playful pups has been proven to have a positive effect on mental health in humans. 

Many employees do not take enough breaks throughout their day, which can increase stress levels and reduce motivation. Stepping away from the desk and spending quality time with The Bully Ranch pups will help calm and relax employees, leading to improved productivity and enthusiasm in the workplace.

Taking part in puppy therapy plays an especially important role when it comes to improving our puppy’s socialisation and personal development. Human interaction as simple as stroking leaves our puppies feeling loved and adored. You will be able to interact with the puppies and go back to your desk feeling calm and relaxed after one of our puppy therapy sessions.

Disclaimer: We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times.We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.

Nursing Homes

We have seen first-hand how many nursing homes across the UK are at maximum capacity with many residents experiencing loneliness and isolation, especially if they have no relatives or friends who live nearby. Not only this, but as we grow older many people become reliant on cuddly companions that provide them with a comfort blanket that they would not otherwise have. Puppy therapy can totally transform the lives of those living in care homes across the country and that is where we come in.

The bond between care home residents and our puppies is so heart-warming to see. Puppy therapy has such a positive effect on elderly residents. It helps boost their mood and improve their well-being.A great thing about these special visits, is that everyone enjoys puppy therapy, even the most withdrawn residents.

We want to bring The Bully Ranch puppies to as many care homes as we can in a bid to spread love, kindness, and cuddles to those who need it most.

Disclaimer: We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times.We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.


The Bully Ranch to You take pride in enriching the lives of children through therapeutic playtime sessions with our puppies. Whether it is a private school, school for disabilities,an infant school or secondary school, we will bring our pups to small classes for a fun, informative therapy session.

Our therapy dogs are especially helpful in helping children with disabilities. We have witnessed children with Autism create beautiful bonds with our puppies, as well as helping children with cerebral palsy build up strength in their limbs and hands through petting our dogs.

If you would like The Bully Ranch to You to visit your classroom, please get in touch using our contact us page.

Disclaimer: We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times.We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.

Pop-Up Events

We have had great success in the past with pop-up events and would like to give back to our community as much as possible. That is why we are offering fun, safe, and controlled pop-up puppy events around the country. 

Our pop-up puppy events are free to attend and offers a chance for families, adults, and young children to interact with our pedigree pups in a safe, enclosed environment to ensure the safety of both our puppies and you. Spending time bonding with our puppies is especially great for families who are unable to own pets.

We offer our puppies comfortable puppy pads and specialised rubber matting which is sanitised before and after each pop-up event using doggy-friendly cleaning products with no nasties! We will also provide you with fresh blankets should you want one whilst interacting with our puppies on your lap.

The welfare of our pups is the most important thing to us. Not only will they be bringing joy to your day, but you will also play a huge part in helping us socialize our puppies too!

After you have enjoyed playtime with the pups, we offer you the chance to walk away with your very own keepsake on the day; a photo of you and The Bully Ranch puppies. All we ask for is a small donation where 100% of the funds are donated to The Dogs Trust charity.

Disclaimer: We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times. We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.


We are sure you will agree that institutions in the UK are currently understaffed and overpopulated, leading to increase stress levels for both staff and prisoners. We believe that bringing our puppies to prisons across the UK will help in several different ways and improve their overall well-being.

*On average, male prisoners are 3.7 times more likely to die from suicide than the public. We want to give back to our community and reduce loneliness, depression, and anxiety in prisoners through puppy therapy. Bringing our therapy puppies to prisons can help give back to the community and give prisoners time to come away from their reality and shut off with some well needed therapy.

We can also bring our therapy dogs to Young Offender Institution’s in a bid to show the younger generations that they have chance to start fresh and do something they love with their life when they are released. Having our therapy dogs at these sessions will help bring a sense of calmness to young offenders and help them talk about their problems and worries more openly, leading to a much more positive outlook on life.

Disclaimer: We are fully insured, first-aid trained and carry a first-aid kit with us at all times.We also have an on-call vet should any of our puppies need emergency care. Our puppies are transported in a state-of-the art van equipped with safety cameras.

What is Bully Ranch to You? 

Bully Ranch to You is a new Puppy Therapy event service from The Bully Ranch, where we bring our purebred puppies to you: to your office, your corporate HQ, to your care home, community institution, or even your birthday party.

The Bully Ranch is an exceptionally caring family-run breeder of pedigree, rare coloured, purebred pugs and bulldogs. We are passionate about our craft and since 2014 we have built a solid reputation as a breeder of some of the rarest and best quality pugs and bulldogs in the world. Our puppies are incredibly sought after across the world, but they are also incredibly cute – and the events are incredibly beneficial for both puppy and human!

Where do you run Puppy Therapy events? 

The Bully Ranch is based in Wickford, Essex and many of our puppy therapy events take place in Essex, London and surrounding areas. If you’d like to book a puppy therapy event somewhere further away, just get in touch and we’ll do our very best to make it work.

What happens at a Bully Ranch to You event? 

Our specially trained staff will bring a litter of the pups to your event location and set up a safe, controlled environment for the pups to play, cuddle with your event guests. We make sure the puppies have breaks as and when they need them and bring all the food and drink that they need. (Please do not bring food /drink to the event).

How old are the puppies? 

The puppies we bring to Puppy Therapy Events are at least 8 weeks old and will have received all their necessary vaccinations.

I’ve fallen in love with a Bully Ranch Puppy at an event. Can I take him/her home? 

All of our world class pups are seriously adorable. So we don’t blame you if cupid’s arrow strikes at one of our Puppy Therapy events. Sadly, many of our puppies will already have found their forever home, some may have even come from their forever on a day out to continue their socialisation which is vital for their development into happy, healthy dogs. But do talk to us about the puppies we have available now and in the future – we are always happy to help match one of our purebred pedigree puppies with a loving, caring forever home.

Can we move our date if needed?

At the Bully Ranch to you we understand due to the current climate sometimes events or pre-organised sessions cannot be met. We are unable to offer a refund, however can happily change the date as long as enough notice is provided.

Are the events good for the puppies too? 

They’re GREAT, which is one of the main reasons we’ve decided to create the service. Puppy Therapy is not only great for humans, it’s fantastic for the puppies. Hanging out with humans, being petted, cuddled and adored alongside their brothers and sisters is absolutely vital to their development into happy healthy dogs and can help prevent behavioral problems in later life.

Are you insured?  What about Health and Safety?

Bully Ranch to You has worked tirelessly to ensure we hold all the necessary licenses and insurances and we are meticulous in following all the correct health, hygiene and safety procedures and protocols required to ensure our puppy therapy events are the safe, secure and happy occasions that they should be.

All our staff are fully DBS checked and are fully trained and experienced in handling and caring for our dogs. Many have also additionally undertaken Mental Health & First Aid Training to ensure we are prepared for anything at one of our events.

How do you ensure the puppies are safe and well looked-after?

We are a small, exceptionally caring family-run breeder and we have extremely high standards. We view our puppies as part of our family and we love and care for them as such.

We only bring trained Bully Ranch puppy handlers to the events and we are meticulous about the care of our puppies, from ensuring that they are transported safely and appropriately to and from the event right down to making sure we have their favourite pup-approved snacks (please do not bring food to an event yourself) .

There will always be a Bully Ranch To You staff member at the event keeping a close eye on proceedings and on our puppies, who will get breaks if and when they need it. But we generally find our puppies love socialising at our Puppy Therapy events and really enjoy being cuddled, stroked and adored.

Do you do birthday parties? Can I book a puppy Therapy event for my child? 

Yes we can set up a Puppy Therapy Event at your child’s birthday party (minimum age: 7+) in line with our strict animal welfare and health and safety protocols. Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

How Do I Book a Puppy Therapy Event? 

Simple. Just fill in and submit the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch to put your event in The Bully Ranch To You Diary! We look forward to hearing from you!

Due to COVID-19 is this service still available?

Our team have taken lots of different measures to ensure the safety of our customers, staff and puppies. As you can appreciate the current rules and regulations are changing all the time. We will regularly change this section to update when provided.